Los Angeles: Tourist Spots 101

No tourist itinerary is complete without visiting the very popular cities of Beverly Hills and Hollywood. There’s little I can say that hasn’t been said about these places already, but I guess they would be considered a must go for the first time LA visitor.


To do:

Rodeo Drive – if you’re on a budget, don’t plan to do much shopping here. Brand names galore, there’s a mix of tourists and shoppers (more tourists than shoppers, I noticed). It’s nice to walk along and people watch, but I prefer the streets around Rodeo, as they are quieter with cute boutiques and restaurants littered around.


Beverly Hills Hotel – a favourite of celebrities and influencers, the pink walls are cute for a quick stop by for a photo op. It’s a little out of the way from the busier shopping areas and a little hidden away, but worth a pop in.


Hollywood Boulevard – always, always packed full of people, it’s a challenge just to maneuver yourself around the crowds. Parking close to it could run you more than $30 dollars for a full day. I wouldn’t recommend staying more than a few hours, as the main strip doesn’t have too much to linger on other than the Walk of Fame, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and souvenir shops. Beware as a few of the costumed folks can get aggressive when they photobomb you and then ask for a tip.


To Eat:

Grub – 10/10 would go again for brunch. First off, the servers were so incredibly accommodating to our large-ish group, especially when they were getting rather busy at the time we arrived. Secondly, the food was great. Everything we ordered was excellent, especially the sangria.

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM – the social media-famous cupcake ATM is on S Santa Monica Blvd, a few blocks away from Rodeo Dr. and you’ll probably see a small huddle of folks getting photos or trying to figure out how it works. Now, I didn’t try it out so I can’t say how good these cupcakes are, but it exists and people still stop for photos.




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