Los Angeles: Venice Beach

Connected to Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach is a hub of culture unique to its own. It’s described as the more “hipster, artsy” area and rightfully so. The moment you set foot in Venice, you see an evident shift in the quirky aesthetic and free-spirited attitude of the community. You can spend as little as an hour or two to a full day here with everything that is happening – and trust me, it is such an energetic place.


To Eat:

Figtree’s Cafe – We were walking by looking for a brunch place and this was actually one of the first restaurants we saw, mainly because of the “puffed pancakes” that were being served. Their Capellini with fresh tomatoes was a standout for me.


To Do:

The Boardwalk – take a walk down the boardwalk to witness the heart of Venice. From local artists (note: works may not all be kid-friendly), street performers and graffiti artists at work, to tourist shops stocking the latest gimmick (fidget spinners this time round), it is never a quiet place to be. Before 10 or 11, the boardwalk is still a little bit empty but once it hits noon, it really starts to liven up.


Murals – there are murals by local artists in every possible corner and makes for some great photos. One of my favourites is the modern adaptation of Boticelli’s Birth of Venus, “Venice Kinesis” by Rip Cronk and “Touch of Venice” by Jonas Never, right behind it.

Venice Sign – located on Pacific Ave. at Windward Ave., were you really in Venice Beach if you didn’t get a photo with the sign?


Skate Park – stop by to check out what the cool kids are doing at the skate park.

Venice Canals – We didn’t get a chance to visit the canals, but I hear it is a beautiful place to spend some time. The movies make it seem like a very romantic location to visit.






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