Vancouver: My favourite hikes

With spring now in full swing, I look forward to hiking season starting up again (that is, if this rain ever gives us a break on weekends). Down below, you’ll see a few of my favourite hikes in North Vancouver. I usually check up on the trail conditions online just so there are no surprises. And of course, I always make sure to bring some snacks, water and a light jacket (no matter how warm it is) just in case. Safe Hiking!


1. Quarry Rock

This is my go-to “warm up” hike. It’s easy and short, which means you’ll see a variety of people, from those dressed in athletic gear to tourists in Chanel flats (I’ve seen it). The only downside is that it is a nightmare to find parking, so get there early. Since I started going here a few years ago, a few things have changed: it has gotten incredibly popular (read: very crowded) and they’ve improved the trail in that it is no longer rugged. They put in stairs and platforms which makes it easier for people, however they may be dressed, to enjoy the trail.


2. Dog Mountain

Also a go-to “warm up” hike, Dog Mountain is located in Mount Seymour Provincial Park. The way up is also a beautiful drive with lookout points overlooking the city. I find this hike still easy, but definitely up a notch from Deep Cove. The trail is well marked but you’ll be weaving through uncovered tree roots, muddy pockets and rocky areas in a few sections. The trail takes about 2+ hours round trip.


3. St. Mark’s Summit

If you haven’t guessed yet, I like to rate my hikes with a effort to view ratio. St. Mark’s Summit would be the Instagram famous hike that everybody has probably seen. I would consider this a little difficult, with some of the inclines giving you a good workout. The view of Howe Sound is absolutely worth it. It is about 4 or 5 hours round trip, so make sure to pack some food!


4. Hollyburn Peak

I’ve only done this hike once, but enjoyed it enough that I’d want to do it again. This hike took about 3.5-4 hours and was a workout. The trail isn’t as obvious in some areas, but follow the signs and markers and you’ll be just fine. This hike is a bit different from the others, in that along to the usual trees, you’ll find lakes and bush-filled meadows along the trail. Again, pack some food as you’ll want to enjoy the view up at the top.






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