Another January in New York

Compared to a year ago, this January wasn’t near as freezing. It would have been a welcome development if it wasn’t raining so much – I thought I ditched the Vancouver rain but apparently not! Having checked off a big chunk of my list during my last visit, I sought to find new sights to see this time, making a list of the next best.

Of course, this girl couldn’t skip some old favourites either. That meant strolls around Bryant Park, Flatiron and Soho despite the unrelenting rain. Also a quick hello to Times Square seems to have become a tradition, as much as I’m not into the crowds that congregate. Unfortunately, the sun came out in the last hour, on the last day, to greet me goodbye. Till next time, New York!


To See:

The Morgan library and Museum – It’s worth it just to see the jaw dropping library filled with rare books and manuscripts. I took advantage of the free admission on Friday nights from 7-9pm, which brought a crowd but nothing unmanageable. There are also other exhibits on display to enjoy.

Rose Reading Room at the Stephen A Schwartzman Building – I was finally able to check off the Rose Main Reading Room in the Public Library beside Bryant Park! The opulent ceiling certainly did not disappoint. It’s a quiet place to take refuge when the hustle and bustle outside gets too much.

MoMA – I obviously took advantage of the “free Fridays” situation, spending half the night at the MoMA. Walk in, grab a ticket as you pass the admissions desk and go right on through, no line ups! Having been before, I went through the exhibits at a brisk pace as it was B U S Y. It was unbelievably packed and after awhile, all I could smell was this gross sweaty smell (didn’t help that it was a rainy night). If you like to take your time with art and want to do justice to the exhibits, I suggest you pay the admission to go on a weekday.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain – I wanted to see this popular film spot, though the grey overcast didn’t bring out the best of the location. There were these amazing buskers doing doo-wop covers, I had to stop and enjoy the music.

Oculus at the World Trade – A futuristic design inside and out, it’s big, white and distinctive, making it hard to miss.

Downtown/Financial District – I finally made it downtown this time and found the historic financial district a nice change. If it wasn’t so cold and rainy, I’d probably spend a whole afternoon admiring the mix of architecture and history behind the buildings.



To Eat:

Flex Mussels – If you are a mussel aficionado, or even if you aren’t, Flex Mussels does really good mussels. They have a ton of broth options, all of which sound (and probably are) very tasty. I went to the one in West Village, but they do have another location in the Upper East Side.

Boqueria – A great place for tapas, the dim, intimate setting gets crowded fast. We ordered quite a few tapas and they were all excellent so I give it a thumbs up. I believe they have multiple locations, though I was at the Flatiron one.

By Chloe. – Known for their vegan menu, I came here for a quick and satisfying lunch. It also helps that everything, from the interior to their packaging is “Insta-worthy”.

ABC Cocina – I didn’t get to eat here this time, but it is definitely on my list. They don’t take reservations and the wait was more than an hour (on a weekday evening!), so I think it’s safe to assume their popularity attests to the dishes.




One thought on “Another January in New York

  1. Nice post, love the photos as always. I loved how you incorporated the links to each place and your thoughts on them! I’m loving that photo of the Morgan Library and Museum, definitely a throwback to art history classes!


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