New Zealand: Far North

Continuing all the way North on the State Highway 1, you’ll find Cape Reinga, a highly visited attraction and considered a spiritual place by the Maori. Simply put, it’s a beautiful place to be. It’s mystical and tranquil despite the many visitors. It’s an easy walk out to the light house, where you can see the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean meet.

There are two ways of getting there by car: one is by State Highway 1 and the other via Ninety Mile Beach – but only if you have a 4×4 (also check your rental agreement first). We took the State Highway, winding our way up north. It’s about 3-4 hours roundtrip from Kaitaia, plus/minus photo stops (highly recommended). We took a break at Te Kao general store to get some ice cream, went to see the white sand beach and stopped by to run around in the sand dunes, spending all afternoon exploring the peninsula.





2 thoughts on “New Zealand: Far North

  1. Gorgeous photos as always, I bet you didn’t have to do a lot of editing. Tell me, how were the bathroom breaks on this road trip? Was the sand soft? I love how Vancouver is on that sign!


    1. Thank you!! The bathroom breaks were fine since we stopped every so often and rest stops weren’t hard to find! The sand was really smooth and cool despite the beating sun.


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