August in New York

While I can’t say that I have always had a love affair with New York, I can now admit that yes, I fully fallen for this city. It took three tries, but as they say, third times a charm. I flew in a few days early for the long weekend, since I was going for work anyway. Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made this year. I’ve been needing a full immersion into art and history for awhile so the main goal this time was to spend as much time seeing museums as I could. I got to do that and a lot more.

The added bonus of absolutely perfect weather was a real cake topper. I wasn’t pouring buckets of sweat, I could take late evening walks without having to grab a jacket, everything is just easier when the sun is shining. Not to mention, I love cities where you can be alone without feeling like you’re alone.

It was in my third day in that I realized how much the city has grown on me. It wasn’t a something as much as it was the entire journey, how I could spend my time and just the entire feel of the trip. I was happy, refreshed, invigorated and I left wanting more.

New York City in the summer is everything.




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