Undeniably, the highlight of our trip was the temple of Borobudur. We stayed at Manohara, the hotel beside it, reminiscent of a resort, and were set to do an early morning trip over to the temple. Tourist Protip: go see popular attractions as early as you possibly can to avoid crowds. We had a 6 am start and walked over, able to get some time to enjoy the quiet, serene atmosphere.

I could have read everything about Borobudur on the internet, yet still not know what to expect. It was smaller than I had imagined but its intricate details made it seem grand. I couldn’t help but feel like a modern day Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, sans all the danger. It started raining, so we came back in the afternoon just as the sun was about to go down. The place was crawling with people and we joined a crowd of photographers waiting for the sunset. Time was infinite that day, it was one of those days you could just somehow fit a million things in and still feel like you had more hours left.








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