Java: The Road Less Travelled

After our stay at Sarangan, we took the road less travelled to our next destination. Simply put, our driver took us on a little detour through Mount Lawu (he had heard of a shortcut). After navigating around little villages and stopping by for directions, our minibus magically made it through narrow dirt roads and some thrilling cliffside paths. The views along the journey were magnificent and breathtaking. Pristine greenery covered the side of the roads, while every so often, a farmer would pop out of their crops to wave hello.

While the first part of our trip revolved more around nature, the second half consisted of what we actually went to see – the temples and the history. The Mayan-esque Candi Sukuh was a little underwhelming and partly under renovation, whereas Candi Cetho, reminiscent of a Balinese temple, was surrounded by tea plantations. Each of them have different, distinct styles and purposes, despite being only half an hour apart.







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