March in Miami

March brought work trip #2, this time to Miami. Having never been and knowing little about the city, I was just excited for the warmer weather (and the palm trees). I had a spare half day to explore and decided to head to South Beach. We got there at around 10 am and were surprised at how eerily deserted it was. It didn’t help that it was an overcast morning and a little chilly as well. ProTip: bring a light jacket or cardigan because they really like to crank up the air conditioning indoors

Walking down the Art Deco-lined streets I was impressed at how everything was so well maintained, yet still kept an authentic vintage feel. While some buildings evoked a vibrant, tropical vibe, others looked straight out of a more serious, New York-esque Art Deco scene. As the morning wore on, the sun came out, so we took the beach route back. People started to emerge at around noon and we found ourselves walking towards a police-patrolled beach party – turns out spring break had just started! You could really just sit at South Beach for hours people watching all day.

We also decided to make a trip to Wynnwood for dinner, thanks to a recommendation. We were told that it was the “up and coming
art district, filled with art galleries, graffiti/street art/murals, which I would’ve loved to have seen in the day time. Having gone into this trip without expectation and knowing little about the city, I found Miami to be such an interesting mix of people, culture and art, and it’s definitely a scene to experience.



DSC09630 20160308_134523-2






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