A Collection: Seoul, an ode to the cafes

Where else can you find a richer collection of cafes than Seoul? I hear that it’s a growing trend and I’m not complaining.







2 thoughts on “A Collection: Seoul, an ode to the cafes

  1. Whoa I never knew that a coffee could cost so much there, at least in relation to a meal. Is sitting in cafes a pastime for people of all ages? Or just geared towards the younger generation? I love the rooftop patios! You got some awesome shots without any people in them hahaha


    1. Yeah, it didn’t seem comparable until I thought about it – 6,000-8,000 KRW for a latte or specialty drink compared to the same amount for a bowl of bibimbap or noodles or something… I think the whole cafe scene is just for the younger generation, cafes seem to be an ongoing ‘trend’ and there are a LOT of trends that come and go in Korea.


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