NYC: As fast as possible

I am not going to lie, my first trip to New York was a bit of a disappointment. It could have been the perpetual hype (“oh, you’d love it there”, “it seems like such a ‘you’ city”, said my friends) or just the fact that, you know, how can you go wrong with New York City. I think what it really was, though, was how we pretty much rushed through everything. More like flew by in rocket speed. The Met in two hours? I don’t know how I did it without pulling a muscle. That coupled with the torrential downpour every single day we were there was a damper.

I’m not going to totally write this city off just yet – I know what I’d do differently next time, now that every tourist attraction has been checked off. So, I guess ’till next time New York, I hope I get to see you differently.

IMG_0843 IMG_0858 IMG_1997 IMG_2015


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